We are experienced in the field of making better concrete by own experts in these fields. From common concrete to UHPC(Ultra High Performance Concrete) we are advising our clients not only theoretical, but even more in practice! We don’t limit ourselves to grading curves and receipts of concrete, but also in the field of the optimized solutions of machineries for making these concretes and products thereof.

We have experiences in different fields of the concrete industry and these are not only limited to pavers, slabs, roof slabs, tubes and manholes, precast-elements, architectonic elements, tubing, and other concrete products.


Our machineries are stationary as well as mobile (e.g. on truck, on railway-waggon, on ship, or just on own wheels).

We make recommendations for different concrete products in the field of tunnels, railway slabs, security-systems for access-control, etc.


In certain cases we are able issuing licences for making concrete-products and/or their appropriated machineries locally.