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Being a division of a Swiss based multiple discipline company; CME-Alpic is an important player advising clients in all aspects of concrete, concrete-machineries, asphalt and other industries.

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CME-Caspian, CME-Concrete, CME-Rail tracks, CME-Licences and CME-Holland-Flowers, they all are a department of CME of Switzerland, which belongs to the AE-Holding in CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland.    

Established in 1987, CME is active in different fields in most of the European countries, especially in Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Italy, as well as countries in Middle East, Asia and the Caribic.   


New mixing plant for even better architectural precast concrete elements

The Decomo SA company, located in Mouscron near the French border in southern Belgium, produces precast elements in architectural concrete. People are and will be thedecisive factor in the design and manufacture of architectural concrete. At Decomo they are supported by an efficient production apparatus that is constantly optimised through new investments. After most recently optimizing the fabrication  modernisation of the complete concrete production now stood on the agenda.

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